Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For the Sake of Others

Although the concept is a wise and ancient one, the act of serving others is an idea whose time has come today in our troubled times. This blog will explore the many joys and benefits of working and living for the sake of others.

Welcome to For the Sake of Others, a blog by Tony Baron, Ph.D., President of Datron's Servant Leadership Institute. We hope you will visit us often and share your thoughts.


  1. I agree with you that the position taken by the church of the last century toward the world was primarily aggressive. Some of our favorite songs back then, "Onward Christian Soldiers," "V is for Victory," "We are more than Conquerors," reinforce that stance. Thanks for pointing out what we should have seen a long time ago, that our role as followers of Christ is to be servants.

  2. Tony, said with humor and tenderness. Looking forward to your thoughts on what equipping means