Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Five Secrets of Celebrating Christmas

I love Christmas. I know that our consumer and secular age has put the "hum-bug" on recognizing that December 25th has been the traditional celebration of the birth of Our Savior. But I've learned the secularist have little to offer in this life or the next. So I love Christmas because it is a celebration of the greatest gift the earth has ever received: the Christ Child. Let me share with you five secrets you must discover before this season is over to really enjoy Christmas:

1. Go to Church on Christmas Eve. Enjoy the atmosphere, breathe in the holy moment, see the Christ Candle lit, sing songs of praise and adoration.
2. Spend time with your family and friends. This is the time to enjoy and not judge. To be kind, not hurtful. To see hope, not doubt. To touch and hold, not withdraw.
3. Eat and laugh a lot. Yes, enjoy the food and the fellowship. Put that scale away. Don't eat until you hurt, but eat until your sleepy. I hope my wife is reading this blog!
4. Give your time, talent, or treasure to someone that cannot pay you back. You will be enriched by the experience!
5. Be in Wonder as Once Were as a Child. Look around you and see this wonderful world, look at the colors, the trees, the smiles, and a God who cares.

Have a Merry Christmas! God bless my friends,

Tony Baron, Ph.D.
President, Servant Leadeship Institute

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